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Modernising your core banking platform has become a strategic imperative as the banking landscape evolves rapidly. But true transformation requires more than just overhauling your technology—it demands unleashing the full potential of your data.

Our latest research, conducted in collaboration with IDC, a trusted market intelligence leader, delves into data migration's critical role in core banking modernisation and highlights how cloud-native platforms are unlocking new possibilities for banks worldwide.

Modernise your core, unlock data-driven modernisation
In the IDC and Thought Machine report Driving Innovation Through Cloud-Native Core Banking Platforms, discover how fourth-generation core solutions empower banks to:

  • Rapidly create and modify products through low-code capabilities
  • Enable real-time processing for personalised services and fraud detection
  • Ensure resilience, self-healing, 24/7 available infrastructure
    Boost operational efficiency and bottom line.

Modernisation is not a one-size-fits-all process. This research presents three proven strategies—progressive, greenfield, and big bang—each offering unique benefits. This flexibility ensures you can select the best approach to your requirements.

Unleash your data's transformative power 
Complementing this, our report with IDC, Unlocking Enterprise Intelligence in Banking Systems, reveals why aligning your data migration strategy with core modernisation is vital to:
  • Lay the foundation for an ‘enterprise intelligence’ approach
    Harness data as a strategic asset to drive innovation
  • Enhance customer experiences through data-driven insights
  • Build a future-proof, flexible data infrastructure
You'll also gain an in-depth analysis of data migration challenges and strategies and how the right platform capabilities and partnerships enable success.

The time is now to transform your core and unleash your bank's full data-driven potential.

Download these reports today for guidance on accelerating your modernisation journey.