The DNA of next-gen banking

29 July 2021, Thursday @ 5PM BT/Noon ET

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Facing both challenges and opportunities in the cloud era, banks worldwide are doubling down on their investment in technology innovation to drive customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Yet, many banks are experiencing serious constraints from their legacy core systems. These mainframe-based, monolithic systems are not designed to process transactions in real time, or possess the interoperability to quickly connect to digital banking applications without costly and lengthy development cycles. 

Legacy core technology is simply not capable of delivering innovation in today's digital society. To get to the root of the problem, banks must address the “core” – the foundation of the bank and its principal system of record.

In this session, we have discussed the following:

  • The evolution of core banking
  • The characteristics of next generation systems
  • Key considerations in building a path to the future banking 


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