What is cloud native, and how do we get there?

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The cloud era has well and truly begun. Cloud computing offers numerous benefits: scalability, flexibility, availability, elasticity, and more. As banks move their operations to the cloud, a “lift and shift” approach will only offer limited benefits. Only those who plot a path to cloud native banking will build a sustainable system that fully realizes the potential of cloud. 

In this session, we examine the common cloud strategies to date and delve into key cloud architecture concepts and cloud native tools such as microservices, APIs, containers, etc. We also use case studies to share the journey taken by some world leading banks in their efforts to build a banking system of the future. 

Speakers included:
  • Nicole Barry, Customer Cloud Engineering Manager, Google
  • Nicole Lanza, Banking Cloud leader North America, Accenture
  • Tobias Palmborg, CTO, SEBx
  • Fabian Siddiqi, Director of Cloud Engineering, Thought Machine

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